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Life path number 3, you are the creative one. You see the world from a unique perspective. You are playful and independent in nature. One of the strongest points of life path number 3 is that you people are very good at communication whether be verbal or written. Along with this, you are also good at adapting to situations. You will be more successful when in a team. Going alone is not the best idea for you.

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Numerology is something which deals with numbers, there are many numbers in the world and in our surroundings we will always see some numbers and all these numbers mean something. In general, it may mean money, time, date, etc. But there is much more than meets the eye. There are deeper meanings to these numbers. Every individual has his or her own sets of numbers that are more meaningful and helpful to them compared to other numbers. Life Path Number Calculator is something that allows you to find the number associated with you. Our website will talk about the connections these numbers have with you. Along with this, we will interpret all kinds of messages from a number. How? we will discuss the life path calculator and how every individual has a life path number.

How To Use This Calculator To Find Out Life Path Number

You can easily calculate your life path number using our life path number calculator. If you know your exact birthdate with year then you will be able to find your life path number and who doesn’t know that right? So follow the below steps and reveal the secret behind your birth date.

Step 1: Input Value

life path calculator

As shown in our life path number calculator. First, select your birth month, then select your birth date and finally your birth year. Remember to re-check the dates or else the calculation won’t be accurate.

Once you have checked your month, date, and year. Click on the button “Calculate life path number” and our life path calculator will automatically calculate.

Step 2: Understanding The Result

So this is how our life path number calculator works. Once you click on that button you will be taken to the result page as shown in the image. Now as we took an example of the birth date 15th July 1997. i.e. 15-7-1997. The main purpose of finding a life path number is to reduce every double-digit and above into a single digit. So in this example.

The Result

15 will be added 1+5 = 6

7 = 7 (As 7 is already a single digit)

1+9+9+7 = 2+6 = 8(You need to keep on adding the number until it is in single digit.)

Then finally you will add 6+7+8 (Month+Date+Year) = 21 (2+1) = 3 (Life Path Number)

Step 3: Reveal The Full Secret Behind Your Life Path Number

As you can see in the image that you can just see a little about your life path number. The life path number calculator will only show you your number, it won’t show your life path number reading. There are many aspects of life and your life path number connects to all of those aspects. All you need to do is click on the button reading “Click to reveal your full secret.” This will give you a full understanding of how your life path number can help you in your life.

Reveal The Secret

What Is Life Path Number?

According to Numerology, numbers can also give an effect on a person’s life. Just like Zodiac Signs, the Life Path Number is a sun sign in astrology. It is a sum of birthdate that represents the traits and talents that you will carry throughout your life. For this reason, knowing your number using the life path number calculator is important and it proves accuracy in the result. You do not have to do any calculations.

There are basically nine numbers in Life Path. They are 1 to 9. Now, there are three additional numbers which are also called Master Numbers. 11, 22, and 33 are referred to as Master numbers. The numerologists considered these Master Numbers powerful compare to Life Path Numbers (1-9) because as they have the same number pairing, the individuals with these Master Numbers have high potential, intelligence, and sense of intuition.

How Do We Calculate Life Path Number?

This is not something new, Numerology is used for centuries now. Life path number calculator has been around us for the same time, the only difference is before we used to calculate it on our own and now the technology does it for us. Many earlier records are found in different countries like China, Greece, Japan, and Rome. They were also found in Babylon and Egypt. These records prove the existence of numerology for a long time. As time passed a better and new method of understanding and interpreting the numbers formed up. Basically, three methods are used in Numerology:

  • Chaldean Method
  • Kabbalah Method
  • Pythagorean Method

Now, the latest method for numerology is the Pythagorean method. It is very easy to understand and interpret. Pythagorean Numerology as the name suggests was found by the famous Greek philosopher, Pythagoras (Yes, The same Pythagoras whose theorem we all studied in school!). He is also referred to as the Father of Numerology. And his “Pythagorean Numerology” is also called “Modern Numerology”.

You can see the table below which is used in Pythagorean Numerology. Although this table is not used in the life path numbers calculator, it is very helpful while calculating other elements in Numerology like Soul Urge Number, Personality Number, Expression Number, Karmic debt number, Attitude number, etc.

 Life Path 
1st Pinnacle
2nd Pinnacle
3rd Pinnacle
Final Pinnacle
54 & beyond
53 & beyond
52& beyond
51& beyond
50 & beyond
49 & beyond
48 & beyond
47 & beyond
46 & beyond


Using your birth date, i.e using the day, date, and month you were born you can get the life path number.

If you are born on 20th October 1996 then, here is how you will do the calculation.

20 –> 2+0 = 2.

October is the tenth month so –> 10 –> 1+0 = 1.

The year 1996 –>1+9+9+6 = 25 –> 2+5 = 7.

Now we will add the total of birth date, birth month, and birth year.

So, 2+1+7 = 10 As we want our number in single-digit (unless it is a master number!).

So adding further, 1+0 = 1.

Your Life Path Number is 1.

Master Numbers: Mis-Understanding

Now many people get confused about whether they have the master number or not. They also have confusion about when to reduce these numbers and when to not. I will explain to you through a simple example. Suppose you are born on 22nd November 2000. Now many people will have uncertainty whether they should reduce this 22 to 4 or should 11 (November is the 11th month) will be reduced to 2. So the answer is no. You will not reduce this number while calculating the Life Path Number. Although if you are using our life path number calculator, you will not worry about this mistake. If you are calculating on your own for that reason you must understand how it works so,


22 will be 22.

November will be 11 –> 11.

2000 –> 2+0+0+0 = 2.

Adding these numbers –> 22+11+2= 35.

Now as we want the number in single-digit, we will again add them.

So, 3+5 = 8.

From this, you can say that your Life Path Number is 8. Instead of 8, if you had got 11,22 or 33 then it would have been considered that you have Master Number, and they would have not reduced. But why waste your time when you can simply use our life path number calculator to find your Life Path Number.

Why Knowing The Life Path Number is Important?

As we explained above in our article that there are deeper meanings to the numbers. Every individual has one life path number. This life path number has characteristics that will relate to your personality. We as human beings are unique from each other but there are things that are similar in nature. Knowing about your life path number you can judge yourself of where you are going wrong and how you can get into the right path to success and your dreams. You can do this easily with the life path numbers calculator.

Every number says things about you that you might relate to now and which you might relate in the future. As the name suggests life path number, meaning it will tell you about how your path could look like, what characteristics do you have in yourself, how are you as an individual. It helps you to reflect on yourself. This helps you to evaluate yourself as a person. You realize things about yourself that you never focused on before.

Why You Should Get A Personalized Report?

There are many other types of Numbers, just like Life Path Numbers are in Numerology. They do give an effect on your life. These numbers tell you about your personality traits, talents, inner self-representation, etc. Now you will be wondering that these things you can easily get through the internet then why a report is needed! So let me tell you that the information that you get is written in general that is the data you will get will for the people that are sharing the same Number. But this report will be specifically for you.

The different numbers like Expression number which tells about the goal of your life, Heart Desire or Soul Urge Number which shows your inner representation, the personality number which describes your personality traits, etc. will be studied together. You will get a final report mentioning exactly what Numerology tells about you. So if you want to know more about yourself from Numerology, you should get a personalized report from here.